Confessions of an Undercover Boss

Published: 26/09/2017   Category: CEO Blog

The ‘Undercover Boss’ narrative has always intrigued me, especially as in my capacity as a CEO, much of my focus and efforts are on working on the business. There’s growth to consider, competitors and the market to understand and potential new threats to identify and address. But this TV series is a healthy reminder of […]

Being the Winner in Winter

Published: 23/08/2017   Category: CEO Blog

Whoever said spring is just around the corner probably uttered the words over the weekend just passed, when beautiful sunny weather teased us and allowed our thoughts to drift to temperatures of a more balmy nature. From where I sit right now, tapping out this month’s blog, it’s grey, bleak, miserable, wet and every inch […]

Dr Shekhar Sharma

Published: 23/08/2017   Category: Latest News

Dr Shekhar Sharma General Surgeon Dr Shekhar Sharma has 19 years’ experience. He can assure you of the quality of care that he can offer after being trained initially in India and subsequently again in Australia. After completing his FRACS, he has pursued post fellowship experience in laparoscopic and colorectal surgery which are his areas […]

Dr Therese Post

Published: 01/08/2017   Category: Latest News

Dr Therese Post General Paediatrician Dr Post loves the diversity of general paediatrics and enjoys managing newborns and children with a wide spectrum of medical (asthma, chronic cough, heart murmur, constipation, enuresis, recurrent UTIs, headaches, seizures, etc.), growth (FTT, fussy eaters), developmental, behavioural and emotional problems. Dr Post is an accredited diagnostician with Autism SA and is fluent […]

Postnatal Afternoon Tea - Playgroup

Published: 26/07/2017   Category: Latest News

We would like to invite you to our Postnatal afternoon tea on Friday 11th August 2017 1-pm to 2-30pm in the Education Room (Level 1) Playgroup is a group of mums, dads, grandparents and care-givers who meet together each week with their babies, toddlers and preschoolers (aged 0-6 years) for interaction and fun. Learn about […]

Grappling with our “unspoken guilt”

Published: 19/07/2017   Category: Latest News

I recently attended a forum where the thorny issue of aged care was under the microscope and while listening and contributing to the discussions, I was again flooded with what I call our ‘unspoken guilt’. That’s the culpability that comes with the harsh realisation that we cannot provide the care for our beloved parents and […]

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