Resident profile - Mrs Maria Polvere

Published: 13/03/2018   Category: Latest News

Maria was born in Pago Veiano, Benevento, Italy to loving parents Antonia and Raffaele. She had an elder sister, Emmacolata and a younger sister, Rossina. In her younger years, up until she married, she helped her father with the cultivation of the land that the family owned. She was particularly adept to the making of […]

Keeping the Direction

Published: 13/03/2018   Category: CEO Blog

by Annette Nelson, Acting CEO I must confess that when I stepped in as acting CEO of North Eastern Community Hospital a few weeks back, it was with some degree of trepidation… as there was the uncertainty of keeping the ship moving forward in the same manner in which Scott Williams did whilst preparing the […]

The NECH values

Published: 14/02/2018   Category: Latest News

There has been a project running in the background for some time about refreshing our organisational values, from the current 7 statements to 5 words that best represent our current and future aspirations. All our staff were invited to participate, with the support of the Board of Directors, which is remarkable enough to be mentioned […]


Published: 06/02/2018   Category: Latest News

Gerald left school at 15 and went to work in an insurance company.  Starting as “Tea Boy” he worked his way up to become State Manager of a global insurance company. In 1983, with a number of his seven children through school, he and his wife Bridie decided that although he needed to work, the […]

Remembering friends and colleagues as time marches on…

Published: 01/02/2018   Category: CEO Blog

We’ve just welcomed in the new year and chances are we did it with a glass of bubbles in hand and to the strains of “Auld Lang Syne”, that traditional Scottish tune penned by poet Robbie Burns all those years ago. Just a few weeks into 2018, it’s with mixed emotions that I’m again called […]

Resident Profile - Mr George Matthews

Published: 10/01/2018   Category: Latest News

In the 1950s a young Adelaide artist named George Matthews spent many hours with fellow artist drawing garden labourers in the extensive market gardens which flourished Campbelltown near the Adelaide foothills in at that time. At first using bicycles for transport, George and his friends would travel with their gear to the market gardens on […]

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