Dr-Nainoor-ThakoreDr Nainoor Thakore
General Surgeon

Dr Nainoor Thakore completed his MBBS & Master of Surgery in India and then migrated Down Under to obtain Fellowship of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons. His post fellowship practice has been in the domains of General Surgery (Elective & Emergency) and Breast & Endocrine Surgery.

Nainoor prides himself on being a “honest, direct and quality first” surgeon who is a firm believer of Consumer Led Medicine, has a good sense of humour and values feedback from medical practitioners and patients alike.

His area of expertise includes:

  • Elective Day Surgery Procedures (Carpal Tunnel, Hernia, Cholecystectomy, Skin Lesions)
  • Emergency General Surgery Procedures (Laparoscopic Appx & Chole, Laparotomy, Abscess)
  • Diagnostic Colonoscopy and Endoscopy.
  • Oncoplastic Breast Surgery, Managing Benign & Malignant Breast Disorders, Family History of Breast Cancer.
  • Thyroidectomy & Parathyroidectomy (Minimally Invasive & Neck Explorations)
  • Vascular Access (Infusaports) and Biopsies (Lymph Node, Muscle, Temporal Artery)

Dr Thakore consults at the North Eastern Specialist Centre and performs surgery at the North Eastern Community Hospital.

North East Specialist Centre
738 North East Road Holden Hill SA 5088
P: 8261 3211 F: 8261 3222

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