The Generational Divide?

Published: 28/10/2015   Category: CEO Blog

I recently read yet another paper on workforce. However this one had a particular focus on attracting, retaining and developing the “Millennial Professionals”, those who entered the workforce from 2000.  There was the usual facts of Baby Boomers versus Generation X versus Generation Y (or “Millennials” in this case) and it got me to thinking […]

Back to the Future...

Published: 21/10/2015   Category: CEO Blog

So it is 21st October 2015. Just another day, right?  Wrong…! It is actually BACK TO THE FUTURE DAY! Yes, that’s right: 30 years ago this film hit our cinemas with a futuristic view of what 2015 would be like.  Sadly, the expected hover boards are still technically just skateboards, cars don’t fly and our shoes […]

Sleep study

Published: 15/10/2015   Category: CEO Blog

In July 2015, North Eastern Community Hospital partnered with Sleep SA – a private sleep centre – to offer a new service to our local community: the study and diagnosis of sleep disorders.  The service commenced operating 3 nights a week and in 2 months we have already seen our 100th patient. Accredited by the […]

Your local community hospital wants YOU!!!

Published: 30/09/2015   Category: CEO Blog

By being a volunteer at North Eastern Community Hospital you can make a real difference to the lives of our patients and residents. Being a volunteer enables you to share your skills and experience in a way that benefits others but also brings personal satifaction for enrichng their lives. We can find a role will […]

NECH - Not for profit... but all for the community!

Published: 23/09/2015   Category: CEO Blog

September 2015 has seen the launch of our new radio campaign for North Eastern Community Hospital airing on both #5AA and #Nova. We like to think that the ad captures the essence of what we stand for as well as a taste of the services we offer. There are presently 5 variations of adverts playing […]

North Eastern Community Hospital Nursery

Published: 08/09/2015   Category: CEO Blog

We are often asked by patients, families and supporters of the Hospital and Aged Care services how they can contribute or support us. There are always opportunities to help and no time like the present with us having recently launched our project to completely refurbish our baby nursery. We have chosen this project as it […]

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