Building post-natal confidence

Published: 19/02/2019   Category: Latest News

We would like to invite you to our Post-natal Afternoon Tea BUILDING POST-NATAL CONFIDENCE Haidee Lease a Psychotherapist from EvolvME will be delivering a group discussion on strategies for building confidence post pregnancy Friday 8th March 2019 1.00pm to 2.30pm In the Education Room (level 1) It’s free Babies and partners are welcome

Specialist spotlight: Dr Marcus Wagstaff

Published: 05/02/2019   Category: Latest News

Dr Marcus Wagstaff knows what comes to mind when people hear the term Plastic Surgeon. He’s keen to point out, however, that the job isn’t exactly how it comes across in the movies. “The most common form of surgery I do is skin cancer surgery – cutting out the cancer and reconstructing the defect to […]

Specialist spotlight: Dr Phil Worley

Published: 22/01/2019   Category: Latest News

It might sound strange coming from a self-described people person, but for Dr Phil Worley the best part of the time he spends with his patients is the moment he tells them they don’t have to see him anymore. That’s because bowel cancer patients must be clear of cancer for a full five years before […]

CEO calls on country mums to have their babies at North Eastern

Published: 27/12/2018   Category: Latest News

North Eastern Community Hospital CEO Michele Smith has called on country mums to have their babies at North Eastern when they are not able to have them at a regional hospital. Mothers-to-be are required to travel to Adelaide to have their babies in certain clinical circumstances, such as premature births, multiple births and other obstetric […]

Our plan for staying connected to our community

Published: 24/12/2018   Category: Latest News

Community is everything to North Eastern Community Hospital – it’s in our name, after all. As a small, not-for-profit, suburban hospital, it’s local mums who have their babies at NECH, residents in the area who come here for their surgeries, and families in the North Eastern suburbs who chose our aged care facility for their […]

Specialist spotlight: Obstetrician Dr Beth Russ

Published: 21/12/2018   Category: Latest News

Beth Russ remembers that when everyone at high school was being asked what they wanted to be, she always said she wanted to be a doctor. “Mum was a nurse – I grew up with role models in caring professions,” says Beth. “Coming up in a family environment with someone in a caregiver role just […]

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