A love of gastroenterology and a focus on delivering the best care for patients unite Lumen Gastro’s specialists in providing their services at NECH.

“We love gastroenterology and aim to deliver the best care to our patients,” Lumen’s Associate Professor Rob Bryant says.

The Lumen gastroenterologists have been delivering services at NECH since 2016. Next year Associate Professor Bryant and his colleagues Dr An Phan, Dr Dep Huynh and Dr Tsai Ow, pictured below, will step up their services at NECH with a permanent consulting room, enabling more local patients to be seen and treated.

“We were drawn to the community focus of the hospital, the excellent standard of care, as well as the warm and friendly staff,” Associate Professor Bryant says.

“The NECH has served the community of north east of Adelaide for many decades and we feel lucky to be part of the team.”

Lumen’s gastroenterologists bring their passion for their field, from treating patients with the latest therapeutics and techniques to undertaking cutting edge research, to NECH.

“Each of the gastroenterologists at Lumen decided quite early in their training that gastroenterology was the career for them,” Associate Professor Bryant says.

“The exciting mix of consultation and procedures, as well as both community and hospital work, was appealing. Moreover, gastroenterology is a multidisciplinary specialty and we work closely with dietitians, nursing, and psychology to achieve the best outcomes for our patients.”

The Lumen gastroenterologists say there have been major scientific and therapeutic advances in the field over recent years, including new therapies for Hepatitis C as well as a growing understanding of the gut microbiota.

“We have each undertaken higher degrees following our specialty training and are actively involved in ongoing research,” Associate Professor Bryant says.

The Lumen Gastro team strive to remain at the forefront of gastroenterology research and evolving therapeutics and techniques.

“Within our practice, we have expertise in hepatology, inflammatory bowel diseases, interventional endoscopy, and bowel cancer screening. We work closely together to gain from one another’s experience to deliver the best outcomes to our patients.”

When they are not looking after patients, the Lumen specialists enjoy time with their children and families.

“Much of our time outside of work is spent with these beautiful little people,” Associate Professor Bryant says.

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