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NECH has updated its risk mitigation strategies in response to the current COVID situation in South Australia.

Advice continues to be followed from Federal and State Health authorities and our position may change at short notice in the interest of keeping our patients, residents, staff and visitors safe.


Effective from Monday 6 June 2022 the following categories of patients and visitors will require a Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) when they arrive at NECH:

  • Patients undergoing all upper endoscopy procedures, including Enteroscopy, EUS and ERCP.
  • Maternity patients, partners and second visitor.
  • Unvaccinated patients admitting for surgery.
  • Patients requiring overnight stay.
  • VMO requested patients.
  • Patients considered at risk, at discretion of the Clinical Manager/Doctors.
  • Mask exempted patients, admitting patients from other facilities or medical patients.
  • Unvaccinated Visitors in Steele (which are only allowed at the discretion of the manager).

Other patients and visitors will not require a RAT, unless requested by our staff.


  • NECH will continue to treat all patients – vaccinated or unvaccinated. Some practitioners have indicated that they may not wish to see unvaccinated patients. This decision will be at practitioner discretion and for practitioner discussion with patients, using such measures as Telehealth where appropriate.

Maternity patients

Maternity patients can have TWO visitors per day.

  • VISITOR #1 remains the partner or support person of the patient. If the support person is fully vaccinated evidence must be shown prior to attending the ward.
    The following rules apply for an unvaccinated partner/support person:
    • Undergo a RAT on arrival.
    • Wear full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) during their stay – surgical scrubs, gown, N95 mask, goggles and/or a face shield.
    • Remain in the patient room (or operating suite) only.
    • May only be present in hospital for the labour and birth, and until the patient is transferred to a postnatal room.
    • Allowed to visit during the postnatal stay for two consecutive hours only per day following a RAT in the reception area, prior to entering the ward.
    Please note that it will be also at the discretion of the Obstetrician, Anaesthetist and/or Paediatrician if an unvaccinated/vaccinated support partner/person is able to enter the facility, the maternity ward or the operating suite.
  • VISITOR #2 Must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 and undergo a RAT test on entry and, wear a surgical level 3 mask or higher at all times. They may attend for the labour and birth, and then may visit for a maximum of 2 hours once a day.


  • Unvaccinated outpatients must not enter the building until the time of their appointment and gathering in waiting areas will not be permitted. All outpatients presenting for specialist consulting must enter via the main entrance screening station when their appointment is due.
  • Please note: unvaccinated visitors escorting outpatients will not be allowed in the hospital. One vaccinated visitor per outpatient is allowed in the hospital.
  • Only vaccinated outpatients attending Clinical Labs will be allowed in the hospital (with vaccination evidence to be shown).
  • Everyone must wear a level 3 surgical mask (or higher) and change it every four hours.


  • Steele Ward – One vaccinated visitor per day. Visitors and carers must be vaccinated and must wear a surgical level 3 mask or higher, irrespective of age, and show proof of vaccination at the screening station.
  • Gastroenterology – No visitors allowed, unless there are extenuating circumstances.


  • A concierge desk is located at the main hospital entrance where all visitors and contractors will be screened for evidence of vaccination status, temperature, QR check in and mask compliance.
  • Anyone who has a fever/any COVID symptoms will be denied entry, including staff and patients.



  • All visitors will not be required to book if they are visiting between 11am and 7pm, all RATs will now be a self-test to be done at the concierge desk between the normal visiting hours of 11am – 7pm.
  • Only one visitor per resident in their room or garden areas – no dining or lounge areas.


  • A concierge desk is located at the Campbell Aged Care reception and the main hospital entrance for Payneham wing residents.
  • Anyone entering the facility will be screened for evidence of COVID-19 and flu vaccination status, temperature, QR check in and mask compliance. Anyone who has a fever/any COVID symptoms will be denied entry, including staff and patients.

The North Eastern Community Hospital understands that the arrival of your baby is one of the most memorable moments in your life and a very personal experience. We know how important the birth of your baby is and we will help guide you through the various stages of your pregnancy, childbirth and beyond.


North Eastern Community Hospital’s visiting specialists perform a wide range of treatments and surgical procedures, including in the areas of gynaecology, orthopaedics, gastroenterology, oral surgery, plastic surgery, sleep studies and general surgery. The hospital features two fully equipped operating theatres and two gastroenterology suites with the very latest in medical technology available.

Aged Care

The North Eastern Community Aged Care Home provides permanent and respite accommodation facilities for 84 residents. Residents are provided with an environment of comfort, dignity and security. They receive contemporary quality care in both the medical and nursing fields within the resources available.

Contact a Patient or Resident

Patients at the North Eastern Community hospital can be contacted by telephone or email.

News from the North East

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