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Your safety and the safety of our patients and residents is of the utmost importance.


A Self-Check Station is located at Main Reception and all visitors and staff be required to sign in or perform the QR phone scan.


Restrictions to visitors in the wards will be as follows:
(i) Maternity – Two nominated support persons and any siblings of the infant;
(ii) Steele – Two nominated support persons;
(iii) Theatre/Gastro – One nominated support person only – must wait off premises or at main reception area downstairs while patient having procedure.

Physical distancing in hospital has been changed to 1 person per 2 square metres/1.5 metres.


Single site restrictions

1. To the extent reasonably possible, personal care workers must not provide personal care to residents at more than one aged care home
2. All employees, contractors and volunteers must notify the operator of the aged care home (as soon as possible) of:
3. any additional place of employment; and
4. any COVID-19 case identified at their additional place of employment.

Visitor restrictions

1. Visiting times: 11:00am-7.00pm daily
2. Facial recognition thermal imaging devices will auto record a visitor’s temperature. The visitor will stand in front of the device, the device will check their temperature and tell the visitor their temperature using an audio announcement. The visitor will still sign-in using a paper record sheet and make a self-declaration against the screening questions.
3. There will be no cap on the number of visitors per day during visiting times, however there can only be two visitors in a resident’s room at any time.
4. Visiting arrangements for residents undergoing end-of-life care/palliative care will be accommodated in consultation with the Clinical Manager.
5. Only those people who have received an influenza vaccination may visit after providing evidence of the same to aged care reception.
6. All visitors will be required to have the 2021 Influenza Vaccination by 1 June 2021 and have provided us with evidence of the vaccination to enable a continuation in visiting the home. Those visitors who have experienced a severe life-threatening anaphylaxis when the received the Fluvax will be required to produce a letter from their GP confirming the same. This letter needs to be dated this year.

External outings/gatherings

1. Residents are supported to attend external outings/social gatherings that comply with current COVID-19 physical distancing rules.
2. 48 hours’ notice is required using a request form available from aged care reception.


The North Eastern Community Hospital understands that the arrival of your baby is one of the most memorable moments in your life and a very personal experience. We know how important the birth of your baby is and we will help guide you through the various stages of your pregnancy, childbirth and beyond.


North Eastern Community Hospital’s visiting specialists perform a wide range of treatments and surgical procedures, including in the areas of gynaecology, orthopaedics, gastroenterology, oral surgery, plastic surgery, sleep studies and general surgery. The hospital features two fully equipped operating theatres and two gastroenterology suites with the very latest in medical technology available.

Aged Care

The North Eastern Community Aged Care Home provides permanent and respite accommodation facilities for 84 residents. Residents are provided with an environment of comfort, dignity and security. They receive contemporary quality care in both the medical and nursing fields within the resources available.

Contact a Patient or Resident

Patients at the North Eastern Community hospital can be contacted by telephone or email.

News from the North East

Below are the three Latest Articles

  • Happy 101st birthday to our Aged Care resident Elisa Severino

    Published: 05/05/2021   Category: Latest News

    Happy 101st birthday to our aged care resident Elisa Severino! Twelve months ago Elisa turned 100 during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. With the safety protocols in place at the time, we helped Elisa celebrate with her family, albeit through a window at the home. We are so happy that this year Elisa… 
  • New tech boosting visiting hours in aged care

    Published: 15/04/2021   Category: Latest News

    We’ve installed new technology in our aged care home that has enabled us to safely extend our visiting hours! The new thermal imaging facial recognition devices, nicknamed ‘Steady Freddie’ and ‘Steady Freda’, automatically scan visitors’ foreheads, then display and vocalise their temperature. The time-stamped images and data is then recorded for auditing and quality control… 
  • It’s double trouble times two for sisters Monique and Melanie

    Published: 09/04/2021   Category: Latest News

    It was a case of double trouble times two at North Eastern Community Hospital recently, with sisters Monique and Melanie both giving birth to fraternal twins just 10 days apart. All four babies were delivered by NECH Visiting Obstetrician Dr Neil Tamlin and the mums were both under the care of our wonderful midwife Mim… 

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