bttf day with highlight

So it is 21st October 2015. Just another day, right?  Wrong…! It is actually BACK TO THE FUTURE DAY!

Yes, that’s right: 30 years ago this film hit our cinemas with a futuristic view of what 2015 would be like.  Sadly, the expected hover boards are still technically just skateboards, cars don’t fly and our shoes don’t lace themselves up when we put them on (although I think this one should definitely be a priority invention).

All that said, it does make you think of what will healthcare look like in 30 years’ time? Will robots care for all our needs? Will a surgical procedure requiring a 2-day stay at present will only require an hour out of our day? Will there be hover beds?  “Madness!” I hear you say… Well, cast your mind back (not that far) when it was common practice for mothers of newborns to have strict bed rest for 10 days. If you were told back then that in the future you could be out of hospital in just a few days or even hours, would you have believed it?  Laparoscopic procedures have meant surgery that often required opening the abdomen can now be managed with just a few small incisions and very short stay in hospital.

So, despite the predictive failures of the BTTF franchise of dehydrated food that instantly expands, I would like to think that we have come a long way and, from an personal interest, would be intrigued by what the future CEO of North Eastern Community Hospital would think reading this article (or have it injected straight into his mind) and my thoughts on healthcare in the future.

Thanks for the memories, Marty and Doc!

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