Midwives and obstetricians at North Eastern will have their hands full this month with 58 babies due to be born in the hospital’s maternity ward.

That’s the most babies due in a single month for three years, and 50 per cent more than the average over the past 12 months.

North Eastern Community Hospital CEO Michele Smith said the numbers appear to be part of an upwards trend for births at the hospital.

“Our figures for April through to July this year are all up compared to the same time last year, which is really great to see,” she said.

“And now we are expecting a huge spike this month, which we are really excited about.

“We get great feedback from mums about their experience having their babies at our hospital, and we are committed to continuing to provide a welcoming, relaxed, family-friendly and community-minded environment for our patients and their loved ones.”

Why families choose North Eastern to have their babies

Feedback from families on why they choose North Eastern to have their babies include:

  • Choice of experienced obstetricians to work with them throughout their pregnancy
  • Getting to know a close-knit team of midwives who are familiar faces at every visit and at the birth
  • A small hospital means great service and less stress
  • Accessible, free parking
  • The community, family-friendly nature of the hospital
  • Facilities for partners or support people to also stay on site with new-borns
  • The fact that our midwives choose North Eastern to have their own babies

Obstetricians that see patients at North Eastern

  • Dr Anna Bof
  • Dr Christopher Hughes
  • Dr Ian Jones
  • Dr Beth Russ
  • Dr Neil Tamlin
  • Dr Valerie Thompson

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