Well it is really hard to go past the news that has dominated our social feeds over the past 2 days that being the sad passing of the music legend David Bowie. Unlike most of the recent stories and posts I have read, this blog is not about paying homage to him per se but rather recognising him as an amazing lyricist and a man who truly embraced CHANGE with his constant reinvention of his style of music, his hairstyle and indeed his wardrobe. One of my all-time favourite songs, and indeed one that has influenced my own life along the way, is the 1971-2 “Changes”. The lyrics are often seen as a manifesto for his chameleonic personality and the frequent change of the world today.

A constant throughout my blogs has been the undercurrent of change, the inventible natural instinct within us all to move forward and to move on, yet this always seems to be tempered with a sense of loss, or letting go. The loss of a person as opposed to a process is a hard emotion to manage, no matter what your age. I remember a line from a childhood TV show (and for fear of being judged I choose not to divulge the show in question) where the lead character uttered the words ’death is the price we pay for progress’. A sentence that has resonated me with me since first hearing it at age 9.

Change is a wonderful concept to embrace, to know that that the only constant in the world is change itself (is that an oxymoron or ironic, I can never tell!). Without change and new generations we would have never enjoyed the wonders of Apple, an no I don’t mean the one Adam and Eve sunk their teeth in, key hole surgery, eye laser surgery, the hyper colour t-shirt…  Ok, clearly the last one left a lot to be desired, I mean why would we want to wear something that alerts everybody in line of sight where in our body we are overheating?  Despite the tragedy of hyper colour attire many weird and wonderful objects now feature in our lives because of change, because of the next generation not wanting to settle for what was ‘fine’  before. Yes with change and the passing of time comes a sense of loss but there are many things to gain as well.

So please in the words of the man himself… I challenge you to ‘Turn and face the strange’!!

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