Well it’s World Radio Day on the 13 February, clearly there is a day for everything. I think my next challenge (should I chose to accept it) is to find the most obscure “World Day” referenced. Alternatively please feel free to enter your details on the back of an eCard and send them in, we must remain contemporary folks, postcards are so passé.

Technology and its advancement is a constant companion in our lives, therefore this begs the question is Radio a tool of the past? Did “Video kill the radio star”? From a business or consumer perspective, I would say radio very much has its place in the world today. Indeed our own foray into radio advertising in 2015 met with success with our target audience. I think however the question to ask specifically is whether Radio is enough? In a world where digital disruption is a fact of life and with technology changing faster than underwear on a mannequin, can Radio maintain its seat at the business table? If you consider how technology uses complex algorithms to support targeted marketing and advertising, all cleverly derived from your previous searches, how can Radio compete with this?

Radio advertising does market on a more general level however each radio station knows its demographics and therefore knows what to advertise and to whom – sound familiar?  Let’s be honest, how many of us remember the radio advert saying how effective radio advertising is…!

The distinction that I think radio has over digital is personality, thanks to the hosts in radio. Now admittedly some of these people are forgettable, some incite chaos and others create cult followings.  These talented folk nonetheless all have the same thing in common and that is the ability to make you feel like they are talking directly to you, their talent is undeniable. The ability to relate to a local, state or national audience day in and day out is no easy task.

The answer therefore to the question I think is simple. Radio very much has a place at the table. I liken Radio to that type of dinner guest who may not be the loudest but has the ability to leave an impression and for you to recall what they said. Facebook is more the type of guest bombarding everyone with multiple stories, simultaneously and constantly changing (refreshing) the conversation.

So, sorry to disagree with the lyrical genius of Trevor Horn, Geoff Downes and Bruce Woolley but if Video didn’t manage to kill the Radio star, Digital is only likely to give it indigestion.

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