As we all know, the 11th November is an important date when people from all walks of life stop for one minute to remember the fallen, the brave and those that made the ultimate sacrifice. This got me to thinking the impact one minute silence can have and our ability to comply with this no matter what we are doing. It is truly amazing to see supermarkets fall silent and café’s cease trading, even the hospital which is a bustling metropolis stops in an instant so we can honour those brave men and women.

For me, in a world of increasing immediacy, the one minute silence raises the question as to the therapeutic value in stopping oneself from banging out an email in frustration, removing your thumb from flicking through endless pages of the latest Facebook or online news story and take what is a minuscule amount of time to stop and remember.

Remember what? Well, for me, I found myself remembering my family and friends who are no longer in my life, especially my Nan. She was a woman who on every Christmas day would be cooking a roast all morning in 40 degree heat, stuck in the kitchen while the rest of us sat in the refrigerated air-conditioned comfort of the lounge room just so we could all sit down for a traditional Christmas. She never complained (well, not that I noticed but I was probably engrossed in my new Lego space station) and would always have that smile on her face as we sat down to pull crackers.

Remembering our past is important. It is all too easy to be caught up in today and tomorrow and the ‘next best thing’, forgetting what you had, where you have been and importantly the memories and experiences that have shaped who you are today.

So I invite you all to take that minute more than just once a year and remember a different group of unsung heroes and the contributions they have made to your life.

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