Given the emerging cluster of coronavirus cases in the northern suburbs NECH has reimplemented a range of additional precautionary measures.

These measures include:

1. All entrances apart from the Hospital Main Entrance and Aged Care Main Entrance (Campbell Wing) will be locked. Radiology entrance will be open for Radiology patients only.

2. Visitors will be restricted to –
(i) Maternity – One nominated support person and any siblings of the infant
(ii) Steele – One nominated support person
(iii) Theatre/Gastro – One nominated support person – must wait off premises while patient having procedure.
(iv) Aged Care Campbell/Payneham Wings – visitation stopped other than in exceptional circumstances

3. A concierge desk at the main hospital reception from 0645 to 6pm to ask each visitor a series of travel and wellness questions, offer hand sanitation and to monitor visitors, patients, outpatients and their movements. After 6pm, patients to be admitted will be screened at the Reception desk, the usual lockdown will occur and clinical staff will monitor/allow access after asking the screening questions (under development).

4. The Concierge desk will also operate during the weekend on set visiting hours:

Hospital: Saturday 8am – 6pm, Sunday 11am – 6pm

5. Aged Care staff have recommenced wearing surgical masks during direct care and support until further notice.

6. Staff/Doctors will need to have their temperature taken and should not enter the facility if any of the symptoms of COVID are displayed. This will be managed at a department level. Doctors will be screened at concierge.

7. All meetings of any external groups who are not critical for business requirements will no longer be able to meet on site and we will resume Zoom meetings for normal meeting schedule, unless social distancing can be maintained on site.


In response to the current SA outbreak of COVID-19 the NECH executive has made the difficult decision to stop visitation to the aged care home.

This is due to the location of North Eastern Community Hospital in relation to the areas of concern and our duty of care towards our residents and staff.

There will be exceptions to this in regard to a visitor providing end-of-life support, including where there is a sudden deterioration in the resident’s condition.

We understand this is very difficult for families. NECH has been committed to remaining open for visitation from the commencement of COVID-19 and has fought hard to maintain that stance. But we believe with active community transmissions in close proximity to NECH, ceasing visitation at this point is the safest option.

Visitation will cease from 1:00pm on Tuesday, 17 November 2020.  This will be reviewed on a daily basis and the moment it is safe to recommence visitation, we will. In the meantime residents and families will be supported to communicate in other ways, including through video calls.

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