As 2015 draws to a close, this would normally be the time for me to write a reflective piece on the year that was, reminiscing about the high’s, the not-so-high’s and the subterranean lows (yes I know, a bit dramatic but artistic license and all that). Instead I wanted to share through the eyes of a child the wonder of this time of year. All too often as we grow older we think of time past and not time ahead. We think of people we have lost along the way and of time running out. Just like poor Dorothy trapped in the witches’ castle, frantically trying to turn the hourglass over to prevent the sands running out. For those of you who have never seen “Wizard of Oz” and therefore don’t understand my reference… shame on you!

I have been watching my children over these past few days and their almost willing behaviour to rush the sands of time through as they think about next year, when they get taller, older, going up a grade in school, et caetera, et caetera and what they want for Christmas next year. I mean there is planning ahead and then there is just downright greedy. What it got me to thinking though is when do we shift our mindset?  When is it that the past suddenly becomes more important than the future? I mean, I can reminisce with the best of them but why should that be of greater focus than the endless possibilities of the future?  I think of my own life and the twists and turns, with effectively seeing my life start over at 40 (yes you can have a life after 40) and the journey that still awaits.

I now apply the same thinking to my line of work and that, yes, we should remember and celebrate the past but, like an eager child, have a very clear focus on what we want to achieve or obtain as an organisation next year and the year after. Some might call that a strategic plan. I think a child would call it a wish list. Unfortunately in this instance Santa tends to stay out of business models, probably to avoid any political alignment as I hear the elves are not the easiest of employees.

So, I say: look forward! Be a kid, greedy for your next instalment in life. Don’t be a Dorothy, frantic to stop the inevitable. Make every sand passing count…

Bring on 2016!

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