A 16-day stay at NECH wasn’t my ideal birth situation, but I couldn’t be more grateful for the care that Oliver and I received on the Glynde Ward.

There are too many to name everyone, but so many of the beautiful women there touched my heart and made my stay so much easier. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you.

Emily – for being real with me and putting me at ease

Jennifer – for the hugs, laughs and genuine support and encouragement

Simone – because nothing was too much trouble

Jan – for bringing calmness to my birth experience and for sharing a positive outlook for Oliver

Susie – for being a friend when I needed it

Mim – for adoring our little boy from the start

Ashleigh – from complimenting my parenting and making me feel like I was doing a great job when things were tough

Donna – for the laughter and for trusting us as parents

Delice – for caring for me with all three of my pregnancies/births. For the mumma hugs and reality checks. For the endless tips and tricks. For believing in me. XO

Rosie – for making the nights pleasant and for always checking how I was feeling

Annis – for remembering me and giving me hope for getting home

Eleni – for the fun and good chats. I will never put breast milk in the blender!

Vanessa – for knowing the value of breast milk and trying (with fear) not to spill it on the floor!

Annie – for the loving and maternal approach. For playing Oliver music in the nursery and making cuddles seem normal, despite the drips/monitors.

Diana – for the practical advice and encouragement

Barb – for giving me fresh sheets and endless laughs! For making me feel welcome and like I was part of the family.

Bec – for making the 1:1 corridor night watch a little less creepy

Brocky – for cracking me up with dry humour

Anna – for checking in when it wasn’t your shift

Sarah – for the kindness and care. My blood pressure definitely wasn’t your fault!

Jacquie – for the encouragement and support at the end of our stay

Emily, Luke, Archer, Elliot and Oliver


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