Clinical Care

Residents at the North Eastern Community Aged Care Home receive individualised clinical care. Our comprehensive services cover:

  • Communication – speech, vision, hearing.
  • Mobility.
  • Continence management.
  • Falls risk management.
  • Hygiene.
  • Diet and fluids.
  • Skin care.
  • Medication management.
  • Palliative care specific to aged care.
  • Advance care planning.
  • Behavioural management.
  • Oral and dental care.
  • Sleep.
  • Leisure and lifestyle.

We are committed to the implementation of the following objectives regarding Aged Care Service Provision:

Optimum Health Care

Our expert and caring staff help our residents to maintain their health at the highest possible level. Where possible each resident is under the care of his/her own General Practitioner. If this is not possible a suitable alternative is found. Our registered nurses provide dedicated care twenty-four hours a day.

Our registered nurses are aided by enrolled nurses and care workers in the provision of optimum nursing and personal care to our residents.

Emergency treatment and outpatient services are provided by either The Royal Adelaide Hospital or the Modbury Hospital.

Social Independence

As residents you are encouraged to maintain your friendships and social contacts outside the aged care home, and to go out as often as able. Relatives and friends are also encouraged to visit during our visiting hours between 11.00 am and 8.00 pm. To maintain an uncluttered and safe environment there are no additional chairs for visitors provided in your room, however chairs are available in the lounge/dining areas. You may use these chairs to entertain your visitors if you wish and return them prior to leaving the facility.

Residents are required to provide 24hr notice when going out, so that medications can be prepared and menus adjusted.

Freedom Of Choice

We aim to give our residents as much freedom to choose as is possible. You are free to make your own choices in regard to showers, daily routines, etc.

When we plan to introduce any new policies or procedures which will directly impact on our residents, we will provide opportunities for you to discuss the changes at the residents’ meeting prior to being introduced.

Homelike Environment

To create a welcoming, familiar environment, residents are encouraged to bring some personal items of their own. These items could include a bedspread, photographs and mementos. Unfortunately items including furniture and fridges cannot be accommodated.

Privacy and Dignity

We respect the dignity and privacy of all of our residents. Each resident can expect that all of our communications and other records pertaining to their care will be treated as confidential.


Each resident has an individual care plan which contains information on the care they require. These care plans are stored in residents’ bedrooms.

All other information either of a personal nature or pertinent to the resident’s medical condition and care is stored in an area which can only be accessed by authorised personnel.

Resident Lifestyle – Variety of activities

We encourage our residents to participate in as wide a variety of activities as possible. We have an active group of Volunteers and Friends who help on outings and in-house functions but this does not replace the importance of families and the need for residents to remain actively involved with them.

Our Leisure and Lifestyle Co-ordinator organises a range of activities including singing, craft, hobbies, outings, concerts for the residents and entertainment. A local library service is also provided.

Lifestyle Profile

During the initial stages of admission we conduct a “Lifestyle Profile” which gives us a brief overview of your life and helps our staff to get to know you.

Diversional Therapy Programmes

We believe that it is important that residents are able to maintain their lifestyle needs and interests whilst living in our home. Our Leisure and Lifestyle Co-ordinator provides an individual therapy programme for each resident. This is achieved by meeting with you and taking a detailed history of your past and current interests, special needs and preferences, then ensuring that you receive the support to fulfil them as you wish.

A programme of in-house activities is developed each month. If you have a special interest please tell a staff member who will endeavour to include this in the monthly programme. The Activities Programme timetable is posted in each resident bedroom and on the Resident’s Noticeboard.
When relatives and friends wish to arrange some other form of activity for you, this can be discussed through the Clinical Nurse Manager or Leisure and Lifestyle Co-ordinator.

Palliative Care and Advanced Care Planning

Advanced Care Planning helps us to understand your wishes about future treatment. Having this information documented can help the people who care for you, including your family and friends, particularly if you become seriously ill and are unable to make decisions for yourself.

We have qualified and trained staff that can help you consider, understand and make decisions about what is important to you with regard to medical treatment, particularly life pro-longing treatments. We request that you consider making an Advanced Care Plan prior to or at the time of admission.

This form contains important information about your requests if you become terminally ill. Trained staff will assist you with completing this form. Relatives are most welcome to remain with you overnight if you are terminally ill. Staff will make this option readily available at this time.

Ambulance, Medicare and Pension Card

Current Ambulance membership is advised to avoid emergency transport fees. It is the responsibility of the relatives to renew this each year.

Services Provided

Services provided by North Eastern Community Aged Care Home include:

  • Professional Nursing Care 24 hours per day (included).
  • Medical Care and Specialist Services (Medicare & private health Insurance).
  • Allied Health – Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy, Podiatry, Dietician, Occupational Therapist (included for maintenance).
  • Palliative Care and Advanced Care Planning (included).
  • Dental, Vision, and Hearing appointments (at resident cost).
  • Pharmacy (at resident cost).
  • Diversional therapy programmes (included).
  • Newspapers, magazines, telephone (at resident cost).
  • Hairdressing (at resident cost).
  • Church Services (included).
  • Volunteer program (included).
  • Personal laundry service (included). No dry-cleaning services are provided.

For more details about the services provided, visit our Services page

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