Residents have access to a full range of services during their stay at the facility. Some services are included while others are external services which are provided at the residents cost. Full details of these services are outlined below:


Oral and dental health is a very important part of our residents’ overall wellbeing. The Government has set standards for meeting all residents dental and oral health needs. In addition to the care provided by the facility it is important that a person’s dental and oral needs are considered prior to entry to a residential facility. We suggest that potential residents arrange a visit to their dentist for assessment and treatment prior to admission.

A dentist will visit on request from the South Australian Dental Service. Costs incurred are charged at pensioner rates. A Private Dentist can visit at a Residents request and costs incurred will be payable by the Resident.


An Optometrist will visit on request and after consultation will issue spectacles from the South Australian Spectacles Services when required. Costs incurred are charged at pensioner rates. Private Optometrists can visit at a Resident’s request and cost incurred will be payable by the Resident.

Hearing Aids

Hearing aids can be provided free of cost by the National Acoustics Laboratory to Pensioners with a doctors referral.


Podiatry facilities are provided by the facility on an 8-10 weekly basis and upon admission.

Therapy Services

New residents are seen by the Physiotherapist as part of the admission process. Maintenance Therapy and Temporary Short Term Therapy is provided to enable residents to attain a level of independence in their activities of daily living.

Excluded from these services is the intensive, long-term rehabilitation required following serious illness or injury, surgery, trauma or similar.


A hairdresser visits the facility on a weekly basis and performs perms, sets and cuts. A separate account will be issued for this service. A list of current prices will be provided upon admission to the facility.


Breakfast of your choice is served from 8.00am in your room. Lunch and dinner are served in the dining room or in your room. Lunch is at 12.30pm and dinner at 5.30pm. Morning tea, afternoon tea and supper are also provided. Our menus are extensive, well balanced and freshly cooked on the premises.

The resident’s individual preferences are considered and relatives wishing to assist in feeding their loved ones are very welcome to do so.

Resident/Relative Committee Meetings

Residents and Relatives Meetings are held monthly. A copy of the agenda and the minutes of the meeting are posted on the resident notice boards. Copies are provided to attendees of meetings and family members may request to receive a copy by post via our receptionist.

These meetings are used to discuss current news in the facility, upcoming events and any activities that you would like to have included. The meetings can be used as an opportunity to raise any issues or concerns that you or your family have that is not of a personal or private nature.

Cultural Needs

The North Eastern Community Aged Care Home supports, values and assists staff in meeting the needs of residents from culturally, spiritually and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

Individual requirements will be determined prior to and on admission and staff will assist you to meet your interests, customs and beliefs. This includes translation, interpreting, finance and account enquiries, catering and religious observances.

Pets and Garden

Our residents enjoy visits from pets and relatives and staff are encouraged to bring their well-controlled family pets to the facility for visits during the daylight hours. Due to health regulations animals are not permitted in the central stairwells, reception area and the main hospital. Animals must be kept on a leash or in a cat box.

Our grounds have an aviary and a pleasant out-doors entertainment area with gardens, water features and a barbecue setting which has been provided by community service clubs.

State Trustees & Guardianship Board

Where a need exists, e.g. If a resident is alone, has a disability or is unable to make reasonable decisions, the Guardianship Board of South Australia can appoint a State Trustee to make financial, personal or lifestyle decisions on the resident’s behalf.

A State Government directed initiative, the Public Trustee’s core business is centred on helping people with their financial needs so they can make the most of their opportunities. This is achieved through the provision of a comprehensive range of Trustee, Executor, and personal financial administration products and services.

Trustees can also help if you are currently looking after the affairs of a relative or friend and are feeling overwhelmed by the amount of administrative work involved.

Further information can be obtained from:

South Australian Guardianship Board PH: 08 8368 5600

South Australian Public Trustee PH: 08 8226 9200

Australian Executor Trustees Limited PH: 08 8127 1600

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