The North Eastern Community Aged Care Home endeavours to maintain a safe and comfortable environment that ensures the quality of life and welfare of residents, staff and visitors. We do this by identifying, analysing and managing potential risks in relation to safety and comfort.

Moving from your home to another residence can present many changes. The aim of the Aged Care Home is to support you on an ongoing basis in adjusting to life in your new home.

Our staff provide personalised care in an environment of comfort, dignity and security, and we encourage you to maintain your independence and maintain your interests as is reasonably possible. The facility will also support you to develop new friendships and to participate in activities appropriate to your needs and liking.

You are free to move about within the facility. We have 2 wings, Campbell Wing which accommodates 61 residents and Payneham Wing (a secure area with secure garden) which accommodates 23 residents.
There are several social areas, including an activities room, dining rooms and lounge rooms. For special occasions, these can be made available for you to use with family and friends and this can be arranged with the Clinical Nurse Manager.

There is a public car park for visitors.

There is also the Magnolia Café in the front reception area of the hospital located on the ground floor (open weekdays 8am-4pm).


The Facility’s design, equipment and practices contribute to promoting and providing a safe living and work environment, however residents reserve the right to participate in risky activities following consultation with all relevant parties. (i.e. G.P. Registered Nurse and Family advocate.)

The Government permits 60 days per year whereby residents may be away from the Facility on social leave with unlimited stay for acute hospitalisation. Residents continue to pay the daily fees during any absence.


Elderly people are prone to falls and our staff will endeavour to minimise the risk of falling as well as the severity of a fall by using a number of measures.

Strategies used to help reduce the risk and severity of falls include:

  • Falls risk screening
  • Referral to a physiotherapist
  • Exercise programmes to maintain and / or improve mobility and balance
  • Medication reviews
  • Dietary assessment
  • Changes to footwear
  • Keeping rooms, living areas and corridors free of clutter
  • Hip protectors
  • Continence programmes
  • Bed sensors/sensor mats
  • Call bells


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