Scott Williams Scott Williams commenced in the role as Chief Executive Officer at the North Eastern Community Hospital Inc. in Jan 2014 following 20 years within public health systems both here in Australia and the United Kingdom.

Scott has worked in a variety of senior executive roles within the public health system at executive level including the Women’s and Children’s Hospital, a leading provider of health services for children, young people and women in South Australia. Scott also lead several programs of both minor and major capital developments.

Scott started his career as a nurse having held many clinical and management roles in both community and hospital settings in Australia and the United Kingdom. While in the UK he held a variety of senior management roles including being a key facilitator of the first successful amalgamation of a National Health Service (NHS) Foundation Trust (hospital) with an NHS non-Foundation Trust.

Confessions of an Undercover Boss

Published: 26/09/2017   Category: CEO Blog

The ‘Undercover Boss’ narrative has always intrigued me, especially as in my capacity as a CEO, much of my focus and efforts are on working on the business. There’s growth to consider, competitors and the market to understand and potential new threats to identify and address. But this TV series is a healthy reminder of […]

Being the Winner in Winter

Published: 23/08/2017   Category: CEO Blog

Whoever said spring is just around the corner probably uttered the words over the weekend just passed, when beautiful sunny weather teased us and allowed our thoughts to drift to temperatures of a more balmy nature. From where I sit right now, tapping out this month’s blog, it’s grey, bleak, miserable, wet and every inch […]

Mum's the Word

Published: 12/05/2017   Category: CEO Blog

I had been racking my brain over the past few days trying to think of my next blog topic when, I’m embarrassed to say, a colleague pointed out it’s Mother’s Day on Sunday… Sorry mum! For a brief moment, I forgot that one day in the year where we pay homage to the women who […]

LED there be light!

Published: 08/12/2016   Category: CEO Blog

Like the overwhelming majority of workplaces, the North Eastern Community Hospital used to be lit by fluorescent tubes. They were an unquestionable advance compared to the incandescence light globes of old in both lifespan and use of energy, but the times… they are a-changing… North Eastern has once again gone one step beyond by replacing […]

The Case of the Missing Workforce!

Published: 07/09/2016   Category: CEO Blog

The looming impacts of an ageing workforce, an ageing population and the changing workforce demographics have been on the radar of the Australian healthcare sector for some time now. Over the next 10-20 years, there is the potential to lose as much as 20% of the workforce in a given area, mainly due to retirement […]

Partnering for the future

Published: 11/08/2016   Category: CEO Blog

North Eastern recently welcomed medical students Laura and Tom who are currently attending Flinders University’s Onkaparinga Clinical Education Program or OCEP for short (We all love a good acronym). They will be with us throughout their community semester placement and during that time will acquire valuable experience for their future professional life. Tom and Laura […]

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