The Adelaide Knee Clinic offers your patients a personalised and streamlined service from acute sporting injury to ongoing niggle and pain.
GP’s in Adelaide North East need a reliable, timely and personalised orthopaedic clinic qhere patients can be confidently referred , assured they will be seen quickly and cared for as individuals.

Who are we?
Adelaide Knee Clinic was established in 2012 at North Eastern Community Hospital in consultation with one of Adelaide’s most senior orthopaedic specialist: Dr Justin Webb.

Dr Webb’s special interest is in surgery of the knee, sports injuries and joint replacement. He has recently completed two post-graduate fellowships specialising in Arthroscopic Ligament Reconstruction of the Knee in Sydney and Complex Primary and Revision Hip and Knee Replacement in Toronto, Canada.

How to access?
Patients need a referral from a GP to Adelaide Knee Clinic for assessment.
Consulatations are made on several days each week followed by surgical lists the same or next day should immediate surgery be required.




Acute sporting injuries to a knee can be very painful. Often it is difficult to weight bear or even walk.

The key thing is to make sure you rest and ice your knee until a doctor can see it. The following 7 key points will help you to manage your acute injury.

Tips for an acute injury

  1. See your GP for a referral or phone Adelaide Knee Clinic on 8366 8111
  2. Rest the affected limb
  3. Put ice on the sore or swollen area. This should be repeated for 5 minutes on, 5 minutes off and maintained for the first two hours or until specialist medical advice is obtained
  4. Use a compression bandage to give support
  5. Elevate your injured limb
  6. Take some if pain relief if required. Over the pharmacy counter anti-inflammatory medication is best
  7. Do not eat or drink if extreme pain persists and seek medical advice



Knees are not supposed to hurt!

Ongoing niggles or crunching noises or pain on particular activities (like bending the knee to sit down) is not normal and may be very straightforward to fix.

Similarly permanent fluid or swelling on the knee indicates that there is some chronic problem in your knee – why not get it looked at!

Ask your GP for a referral and then call for an appointment.



If you have pain in your knee the best thing is to see your GP and then make an appointment for the Adelaide Knee Clinic.

But if it is difficult to do this today generally an analgesic with anti-inflammatory ability is the best, like neurofen.

However you should not continue to take tablets like this without seeing a doctor.



Fee structure

Initial Consultation
Uninsured patients
The initial consultation will be charged at a flat fee of $100 – there will be no additional costs to any patient.
Appropriately insured patients will not have any out of pocket payments. No gap.
Follow up Consultations

Follow up consultations will have no gap charged regardless of insurance.

Arrangements have been made with radiological services to perform XRAY’s and MRI’s for Adelaide Knee Clinic patients without cost to the patient. No Gap.

Radiology arrangement</3>

The doctors at Adelaide Knee clinic have negotiated special arrangements for their patients at several convenient centres where MRI’s are performed, for this investigation to be done without cost to the patients’ hip pocket.

If patients wish to visit a centre outside of those with arrangements in place the centre will charge for the MRI at their standard rate, which will include a gap payment.

Refer a patient

Patient referrals can be made in several ways.

  1. Fill out a referral form the way you always do through your software referral system.
  2. Click here to download a referral form. (saved on HD “knee-clinic-referral_pad.pdf”
  3. Phone this number 8366 8111 for the first available appointment (or ask your patient to do so).



The Adelaide Knee Clinic offers patients a personalised and streamlined service from acute sporting injury to ongoing niggle and pain, we assess patients, explain the options and then assist to plan the best course of action.

GPs in Adelaide’s north east need a reliable, timely and personalised orthopaedic clinic, where patients can be confidently referred, assured they will be seen quickly and cared for as individuals.

Services that can be accessed through Adelaide Knee Clinic include referrals for after hours patients, orthopaedic consultation, x-ray, surgical intervention and physiotherapy.

At Adelaide Knee Clinic there will be no out of pocket medical gap for patients.

Consulting times

Adelaide Knee Clinic is committed to providing you with an appointment QUICKLY. We know that having to wait is frustrating so, clinic hours will increase, as more people want to make a time and see us.

At the moment we are available on Mondays and Fridays. Make an appointment over the phone with our friendly receptionists on 8366 8111

Radiology services

Often people with knee injuries or problems will need an XRAY or an MRI.

The doctors at Adelaide Knee Clinic will decide after looking at your knee if you need and XRAY. XRAY’s can be carried out at NECH, if however you require an MRI you will need to go to a different hospital, the doctors will organize this for you and they have made arrangements so that there will be no out of pocket costs for you at some centres.


It is often advisable after a knee injury to have some physiotherapy to help rehabilitate and strengthen your knee. You doctor will decide if you need the services of a physiotherapist.

NECH has a number of physiotherapists who visit the hospital daily, or you may have a physiotherapist you have seen in the past that you would like to visit. This is up t o you talk with your doctor about physiotherapy options.


NECH is a fully accredited acute care surgical hospital, with several theatres.

If you require an operation, that will most likely be an arthroscopy, (having a look inside the knee joint to see what is causing you trouble) this can usually be done as a day surgery. The doctors will make all of the arrangements for you should this be necessary.

If you have appropriate private health insurance this will be done under your private health insurance cover. The hospital has contracts with all the private health insurers.

If you do not have private health insurance the NECH staff will work out a quote for you so that you will know exactly the costs and there will be no unexpected bills.


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